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The organ was built by Henry Willis in 1876, originally with standard tracker action to the pedals, a single 16 foot Open Diapason stop for the Pedal, and the Swell Cornopaean and Great Trumpet prepared for.

Subsequent correspondence reveals that the Cornopaean and Trumpet pipes were added around 1889, together with the Pedal Bourdon and Bass Flute, and a tremulant by Henry Willis & Sons, at the same time, the action for the pedal being replaced by pneumatic action. This work was carried out by Brindley & Foster, possibly  under subcontract, as the pedal pneumatic action is not of Willis design.

At some time after that a 16 foot Lieblich Bourdon and 8 foot Oboe were added to the back of the swellbox with separate pneumatic action. This was never satisfactory, as the 16 foot stop was merely to Tenor C due to lack of space inside the Swell Box, and the Oboe was not able to speak properly from the back of the swellbox.

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